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Braun CSV-1000 restoration
Hi gents!
My name is Paul, I am living in Romania (yellow wall) and repair and restorations of vintage audio gear are my hobbies. A few months ago I bought a defective Braun CE-1000 tuner, the transformer was missing but I manage to make one graceful Petra Toroid from Iasi. I changed all electrolytics capacitors, few lamps and the tuner works great!
[Bild: 4u64chb.jpg]

[Bild: pmXOisk.jpg]
[Bild: NBaozca.jpg]
Is working again!
[Bild: NgPgA88.jpg]

A few days ago I found its amplifier Braun CSV-1000 which is also defective. No transformer inside, no power resistors in power source and mor important, no relays board which it is used to switch the inputs. The wires between input sources and the relays board are cut but I can manage to restore them.
These old pieces looks great

[Bild: OJc8qFt.jpg]

[Bild: mZl44nk.jpg]

[Bild: hewqIL4.jpg]

[Bild: ntkMVjJ.jpg]

Main amp board
[Bild: 6Ivf2Ax.jpg]

Power source
[Bild: k7Vuzlw.jpg]

Head amp and control amp
[Bild: 6lQ5mTZ.jpg]

Power supply and main amp cage
[Bild: cLLSH7k.jpg]

[Bild: 0EC2Pyv.jpg]

Now I am looking for that relays board (relais leiterplatte) maybe you can direct me to source one. These days I continue to change all capacitors, I will use axials and some radial ones from Mouser. Thank you for watching and i will be glad to answer at yours questions.
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Main amp board revised: Nichicon TVX and Vishay axial capacitors
[Bild: SAjgmhC.jpg]

Power supply: Vishay axials, new zeners, 2N3440 instead BFY41 (I have BF258 inside) and all new resistors.
[Bild: mgjGpc9.jpg]
[Bild: 1UYvko3.jpg]

Next board will be the preamplifier. A lot of capacitors here, axial and radial, I already replaced radialos with Nichicon KL (low leakage) and I am thinking about axials, because they are standard capacitors and I want audio grade ones or low leakage for this application but theese are radial.

Because it is hard to find the relays board I have to make a replica board. I need your help, if somebody have pictures with this board. I search on net and I found a few with board in position and I notice that relays are made by Haller and these are 3532 type. Haller is Hengstler now, I am waiting their reply to my questions.

Best regards!
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The transformer has arrived and I check the clearance. It fits perfectly
[Bild: oz8gkmP.jpg]
[Bild: i6TGCIJ.jpg]
[Bild: NkmkLFD.jpg]
[Bild: mxPIBVh.jpg]
[Bild: ctiEyhp.jpg]
I have space enough for power resistors and rectifier bridge
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Nice work, thank you.
Great Job, Paul!  Thumbsup

Gruß Joachim

[Bild: ckhl0qrmsthv72sov.jpg][Bild: ckhkvco6rwofrbwlb.gif]
Thank you Joachim!
A few steps forward, checking power source parts position.
C802 (800uF) and C805 (2500uF) are screw ones, they are expensive on Mouser and I found a cheap approach using snap-in capacitors with clamp. I bought Nippon-Chemicon for C802 (820uF) and 3300uF for C805 I have on hand.
[Bild: ctyc4fL.jpg]
[Bild: tDHHnv2.jpg]
[Bild: FSDVjYb.jpg]
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