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Defective Sony DAT-55ES
Dear reader,

I bought myself a second hand DTC-55ES Sony DAT.

I am a technician so I thought/ought to be able to solve this problem.

The DAT wouldn't be read by this machine, one reason being the broken gear on the rotary encoder (a special type of rotary switch often used in old VCRs). The rotary encoder tells the microcontroller the position of the pinch roller. The pinch roller has three mechanical states:

1) the tape has not been pulled out the cassette entirely, the pinch roller is far away from the capstan,

2) the tape is entirely loaded but the transport mode is STOP, though the pinch roller is only a few mm's away from the capstan,

3) the tape is entirely loaded and the transport mode is PLAY, the pinch roller now presses the tape against the capstan. Tape is transported out of the DAT-cassette.

The right hand reel should collect the excess tape that is pulled out by the pinch roller. However, instead of collecting the tape in PLAYBACK mode, the right hand reel turns anti-clockwise! It is only possible for the reels to turn if the velt break is released and it is.

Does anyone of you know why directly after inserting the tape, the right hand reel rejects the tape because it rotates anti-clockwise.

Thanking you in advance!

Kind Regards,

Are this parts ok ? See here:,

[Bild: Bandf-hrung.jpg]

[Bild: za2.jpg]
(13.11.2021, 15:57)Swobi schrieb: Are this parts ok ? See here:,

[Bild: Bandf-hrung.jpg]

[Bild: za2.jpg]

Dear Swobi,

Thank you for your answer!

Yes, all these parts are OK, that's why it is so strange the right hand pick up reel turns anti clock wise in PLAY-mode. I would think it is an electronic problem or do electronic problems not occur often on these mechanisms? I already cleaned the rotary encoder and the the micro switches with KONTAKT 60.

Kind Regards,

Rody Mulder

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